Front Exterior Photos


 Buyers will decide within seconds of viewing a property's profile online as to whether they want to see the home in person - you only get one chance to make a first impression.  The front exterior shot is one of the most important photos - a great front picture will draw in a buyer to want to see more... and isn't that the point? 

Interior Photos


 From the moment a buyer clicks on a property, they want to see more - more rooms, more angles - just more! With professional photos, buyers can feel as though they're taking a tour through the home and seeing how the rooms flow together.  TLC uses quality equipment to capture the best photos.  Many agents will use their cell phones, fish-eye lenses or other means - and you can tell the difference! 

Rear Exterior Photos


 Once a buyer has "explored" the inside of the home by way of scrolling through the photos, they want to tour the back yard and see what the home has to offer.  Will it fit their growing family's needs?  Is it too much yard to maintain? Or, is it just perfect for their family - photos will help them decide.