Professional Home Staging

A Little TLC Goes A Long Way

 TLC Home Pros work with sellers starting with the curb appeal.  Sometimes homeowners need a bit of direction on what to do to enhance what they already have.  There is no need to go out and buy all new furnishings - it can be as simple as moving things around or putting out the "special occasion" items - they just need someone to give them some direction - and TLC Home Pros will do just that! 

 The goal in "staging" a home is to ensure that the photos draw in buyers who are searching online.  Starting with a general email outlining some "helpful hints," we will work with sellers to prepare their homes for the photo shoot.  Whether it's simply having them get out their fine china to set the dining room table, or having them clean off their counter tops, each step helps in making sure that the home photographs well.  Sometimes moving furniture out of a room or rearranging to make the rooms look larger is all it takes - a little TLC goes a long way!